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A few dreamers trying to revolutionize the Pakistani Film Industry. 

Starstruck Films

Starstruck films is a Pakistan based motion pictures company founded by  Shakeel Anjum,  Ammar Lasani and Kanza Zia.

Our Best Work!

Gumm Film

A wanted criminal and a desperate father who are interlinked by a series of unfortunate events, manipulate their chances to save what matters most to them. Lost in the middle of nowhere, will they be able to win this battle against the ticking clock?

One of the first in its genre, this movie is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

International Standards!

Having sound technical expertise, the movie has been recognized for its screenplay and having been shot in a jungle that was not an easy task. But with our team of highly trained professionals we were able to pull it off well enough to get recognition on international forums.

The makers of the Film are Environmentalists. Hence, Film GUMM is shot mainly in the beautiful jungle of Pakistan portraying the natural beauty that resides in our beautiful motherland.

Just some dreamers

Who we are

Starstruck films is a motion pictures company in Pakistan. It is founded by Mr Shakeel Anjum, Mr Ammar Lasani and Ms Kanza Zia.

The organization’s main objective is to make quality films of international standards and work for the revival of Pakistani Film Industry. The aim is to put our expertise to the optimal level make Pakistani Film industry recognized amongst international Film Industries via producing work that not only provides entertainment for local masses but also aims at a positive projection of Pakistan around the Globe!

Starstruck films!

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What media is saying about GUMM

With recognition in multiple international forums, GUMM has already made its mark before opening to the Cinemas in 2019.
The masterminds behind this masterpiece have already promised that they will not stop here and will rather continue making movies which will help Pakistani cinema get recognition world over

Stars behind STARSTRUCK

Our Team

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Shakeel Anjum


Mr. Anjum is the Producer at Starstruck Films. He is also a renowned senior journalist of THE NEWS.

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Ammar Lasani


Mr. Lasani is the Director at Starstruck Films. With experience in Pakistan television industry and a foreign Masters degree in Filmmaking, he has expertise of working as per international standards.

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Kanza Zia


Ms. Zia is the Director at Starstruck Films. She has a foreign Masters degree in Filmmaking and is a gold medalist in Masters in Project Management. She is also a PMP.

What others are saying


“Multi-awarded GUMM is a must watch!”
Shamoon Abbasi
“GUMM is a great film, and can be compared to Hollywood’s masterpiece THE REVENANT.”
Madrid International Film Festival.
“GUMM is a beautifully shot film with very strong storyline”
Sami Khan

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